Developing the first ever online community dedicated to Asia Motorsports is no simple task and would not be possible without the acknowledgement of our partners.  First, our sincere appreciation to our parent company, Quandarium Associates LLC, who provided the initial funding and resources to help turn our passion and vision into reality.  We also have several service providers we would like to acknowledge who without their efforts, knowledge and affordability we would not have been able to put together the product you see today.   These include our hosting provider, our template developer Antthemes, WordPress and who is responsible for our amazing logo design.

When we first formed AMN in early 2012 we were nothing more than a small circle of friends sharing information about various motorsports events throughout Asia.  Very quickly that circle began to grow and expand to the point where we needed to create a professional image for our community and provide our members with something they could proudly display.  At the urging of our parent company, we turned to to help create that image.  They work on a very simple and easy to understand model.  We wrote a creative brief, decided on an appropriate budget for the project and launched a contest for designers to submit drafts for us to review.   Within a couple of days we had more than 50 submissions of great work and we began the task of narrowing it down to a select few that we felt best represented what we were trying to capture.  Many of you will remember that those finalists were then posted to our FB page to get your feedback.  When then finalized it by requesting a couple of tweaks from the designer.  After everything when through a final quality check the logo files were released to us and we began the process of updating everything with our new logo.  The entire process took less than 10 days!  Again, Thank You