Quandarium Associates, AMN’s Parent Company, Announces Opening of Hong Kong Office

Quandarium Associates Announces Opening of Hong Kong Subsidary

Fully owned subsidiary will provide enhanced customer service for QA Motorsports products as well as serve as the base for their Asia Motorsports Network community


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 17, 2014 – SHEUNG WAN, Hong Kong — Quandarium Associates LLC, a leading provider of products and services related to Asia performance automotive and motorsport markets, today announced the opening of Quandarium Associates (HK) Limited. Based in Sheung Wan, the new Quandarium subsidiary will provide a platform for increased grow in the rapidly emerging Asia performance aftermarket.

Quandarium already has end-customers as well as business partners in Hong Kong and Mainland China with plans to expand further into Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. The emerging performance aftermarket fueled by motorsports teams and street enthusiasts married with the recognition that superior products and services deliver winning results translates into tremendous opportunities for the company. The new Hong Kong subsidiary will be driving marketing and sales for QA Motorsports (http://www.qa-motorsports.com), their product distribution group, as well as supporting their Asia Motorsports Network community (http://www.asiamotorsportsnetwork.com) aimed at connecting professionals, enthusiasts and sponsors worldwide.

Jim Moore, US General Manager and acting Managing Director of Quandarium Associates (HK) Limited, said “We are very excited to be in Hong Kong today to celebrate the opening of our new subsidiary. Having an in region presences will allow us to better serve our existing customers with the addition of regional distribution capabilities and further accelerate our growth plans.”

Quandarium Associates (HK) Limited’s first order of business will be selecting a distribution partner to handle product warehousing and order fulfillment. Several providers have already submitted proposals and they plan to make a final decision in the coming weeks. The capabilities are expected to be fully operational by mid Summer 2014. Moore said, “Having warehousing and fulfillment capabilities in Hong Kong for our QA Motorsports group will greatly reduce the costs associated specifically with our European supplied brands as well as dramatically reduce lead times for all of the brands we offer.”

About Quandarium

Quandarium Associates LLC based in Willoughby, OH with offices in Hong Kong, China specializes in providing performance aftermarket companies with insights and programs specific to the emerging Asian motorsport and the performance aftermarket channels. Through their in house expertise and a network of well established service providers they provide complete affordable solutions for market research, competitor analysis, marketing / promotional opportunities, and product distribution.

Quandarium Associates


ARRC 130714_ADC

Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing achieved a perfect weekend in India as riders, Makoto Tamada recorded a double victory with teammate, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman in tow in the action-packed SuperSports 600cc races in the third round of the 2013 PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship today.

Tamada earned his maiden victory for the season in Race 1. Despite making a slight mistake at the start of the 16-lap race, the former MotoGP rider caught up with Azlan who was tussling for P1 with PETRONAS Hong Leong Yamaha rival, Mohd Zamri Baba.

Azlan and Zamri’s aggression caused them lost pace after coming into contact in lap-9 and Tamada capitalized on the opportunity to steal lead and claim his first win with 15’36.927s. Azlan settled for second and Zamri third, 15’37.218s and 15’38.166s respectively.

Race 2 saw a lot less overtaking but the race ended abruptly when race leader Tamada high-sided on Lap 10 and bringing out the red flag. The race was ultimately called off but despite the drama, Tamada was still crowned champion as results were taken based on riders’ position in lap 9. However only half points were awarded for Race 2. Tamada came in first with 15’36.927s followed by Azlan with 15’37.218s and Zamri third, 15’38.166s.

“Race 2 felt a bit off, from the start I felt the grip was not strong enough. Nevertheless, I could still ride comfortably. But somehow, I lost control of the bike and crashed coming out of a turn. My back and leg still hurts from the impact but I consider myself lucky to escape without any major injuries,” he said.

Tamada went on to talk about his first outing at the Madras Motor Race Track and commented, “Overall, it was a good weekend. Although it ended on the wrong note, I still finished first in both races and Azlan is now back on top of the championship standings. The team is very happy and we will continue to work hard for the remaining rounds left this season.”

Azlan now leads the SuperSports 600cc standings with 120 points followed by Tamada second, 88.5 points while Zamri sits in third place with 81 points.

ARRC 130714_Underbone

The Underbone 115cc races in Chennai India saw Malaysian rider Ahmad Afif Amran regaining control thanks to a victory in Race 1 and a second placed finish in Race 2.

The PETRONAS Hong Leong Yamaha rider who broke the lap record yesterday won Race 1 within 19’59.312s, 0.024s ahead of Indonesian title contender, Hadi Wijaya (R9 Racing Team) who finished second with 19’59.536s. Completing the podium steps was Hadi’s teammate, Ferlando Herdian with 20’00.256s.

Feeling extremely motivated, the 18-year old Afif was hoping to further extend his championship lead in Race 2 with another possible win but instead found himself outgunned by compatriot, Mohd Affendi Rosli (Harian Metro Y-TEQ SCK Honda Racing) who took the chequered flag with 20’06.603s in the final seconds of the race.

Afif was forced to settle for second place with 20’06.635s while Hadi Wijaya finished third, 20’06.912s.

Bagging 45 points from this leg, Afif steals the lead from Hadi Wijaya with 104 points, a one-point advantage over the latter (103 points). Norizman Ismail sits in third overall with 82 points.

“Words cant express how happy I feel to get back on top of the standings. The team prepared extensively for this round so it feels really good to achieve what we came here to do,” said Afif.

He went on to elaborate on the race, “I tried to pull away early in Race 1 but the other riders were really fast. So I kept close with the frontrunners and attacked in the final lap and our efforts paid off when I won the race ahead of Hadi.”

“The same thing happened in Race 2, only this time there was a lot more riders in the front. There was no way I could escape so I opted to keep a steady pace. I was close to overtaking Affendi at the final turn but my bike lost power when exiting. I was quite disappointed but still content to still finish on the podium,” he said.


Hiroki Ono scored yet another double win, his second of the season, in the third leg of the 2013 PETRONAS Asia Road Racing Championship at the Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai, India.

The Japanese rider took victory in Race 1 with total time of 19’33.885s followed by by Dwi Satria second with 19’34.057s and Khairul Idham Pawi third, 19’34.202s.

Ono then went on to bag his second win for the day in Race 2 with 15’48.891s to edge over Gerry Salim in second place and Mohd Fitri Ashraf Razali third, each with 15’49.197s and 15’49.840s respectively.


SuperSports 600cc

Race 1

1.Makoto Tamada (Honda) 27’47.541s 2.Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (Honda) 27’47.776s 3.Mohd Zamri Baba (Yamaha) 27’53.879s 4.Thitipong Warokorn (Honda) 27’59.974s 5.Tomoyoshi Koyama (Honda) 28’00.378s

Race 2

1.Makoto Tamada (Honda) 15’36.927s 2.Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (Honda) 15’37.218s 3.Mohd Zamri Baba (Yamaha) 15’38.166s 4.Yuki Ito (Yamaha) 15’38.428s 5.Ryuta Kobayashi (Honda) 15’33.367s

Overall Standings

1.Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman (Honda) 120 points 2.Makoto Tamada (Honda) 88.5 points 3.Mohd Zamri Baba (Yamaha) 81 points 4.Katsuaki Fujiwara (Kawasaki) 80.5 points 5.Tomoyoshi Koyama (Honda) 53 points

Team Standings

1.Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing 127 points 2.PETRONAS Hong Leong Yamaha 95 points 3.BEET Kawasaki Racing 80.5 points 4.Musashi Boon Siew Honda Racing 51.5 points 5.Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki Racing 51 points

Underbone 115cc

Race 1

1.Ahmad Afif Amran (Yamaha) 19’59.312s 2.Hadi Wijaya (Yamaha) 19’59.536s 3.Ferlando Herdian (Yamaha) 20’00.256s 4.Harlan Fadhillah (Yamaha) 20’00.374s 5.Mohd Affendi Rosli (Honda) 20’01.371s

Race 2

1.Mohd Affendi Rosli (Honda) 20’06.603s 2.Ahmad Afif Amran (Yamaha) 20’06.635s 3.Hadi Wijaya (Yamaha) 20’06.912s 4.Amirul Ariff Musa (Honda) 20’07.166s 5.Harlan Fadhillah (Yamaha) 20’07.232s

Overall Standings

1.Ahmad Afif Amran (Yamaha) 104 points 2.Hadi Wijaya (Yamaha) 103 points 3.Norizman Ismail (Honda) 82 points 4.Harlan Fadhillah (Yamaha) 75 points 5.Kazuki Masaki (Honda) 62 points

Team Standings

1.Harian Metro Y-TEQ SCK Honda Racing 127 points 2.PETRONAS Hong Leong Yamaha 104 points 3.R9 Racing Team 103 points 4.Pertamina Enduro Nissin R9 Cargloss 75 points Kawasaki KYT Rextor Manual Tech 64 points

Asia Dream Cup

Race 1

1.Hiroki Ono (JPN) 19’33.885s 2.Dwi Satria (INA) 19’34.057s 3.Khairul Idham Pawi (MAS) 19’34.202s 4.Nakarin Atiratphuvapat (THA) 9’43.650s 5.Jakkrit Swangswat (THA) 19’44.600s

Race 2

1.Hiroki Ono (JPN) 15’48.891s 2.Gerry Salim (INA) 15’49.197s 3.Mohd Fitri Ashraf Razali (MAS) 15’49.640s 4.Dwi Satria (INA) 15’49.867s 5.Jakkrit Swangswat (THA) 15’50.316s

Overall Standings

1.Hiroki Ono (JPN) 145 points 2.Mohd Fitri Ashraf Razali (MAS) 82 points 3.Gerry Salim (INA) 81 points 4.Khairul Idham Pawi (MAS) 79 points 5.Jakkrit Swangswat (THA) 69 points


Darryl - Monza  OYoung

Press Release


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(25 March 2013, Hong Kong) Making his ROAL Motorsport debut in a BMW 320TC at the 2013 World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) season opener in Monza yesterday, Hong Kong car racer Darryl O’Young, who qualified as the top BMW 320TC driver, banked eight points after battling in the rain for both races. He now ranks 5th in the WTCC independents’ standings.

“There are many positives to take away from this weekend such as our qualifying pace. I feel very confident as we head into the next few races. The conditions for Sunday race day completely changed everything for us, as it rained the entire day and rear wheel drive cars are known to struggle in the rain.” The 32-yea-old, whose birthday is coming tomorrow, continues. “It’s frustrating as I feel the pole position (of Race 2) was wasted this time in Italy.”

Starting in the 10th place in the opening race, O’Young lost a few places to Marc Basseng, Gabriele Tarquini and Stefano D’Aste as the trio got past him as early as the second lap. The Macau WTCC independents winners did fight back to reclaim a few places as the race went on, but he went into gravel later on lap 9 before finishing with an independent P6, and overall P13.

O’Young started the second race from pole on reverse grid. Despite conceding a few places approaching the end of the first lap, the 32-year-old was able to focus on scoring as many points as possible and crossed the finish line as the fourth fastest car in the independent class.

A top six and another top four finish in Monza allowed Darryl to pocket eight valuable points in his maiden race with his new team, a befitting outcome echoing the qualifying results, especially given the severe intervention on the morning.

The next race will be held in Morocco, on the Marrakech street circuit, in two weeks’ time.


Qualifying 1 at Monza – Independent P4 & Overall P8

“It was a fantastic qualifying session for me this weekend here in Monza.  This circuit is known to be one of the worst tracks for the BMW with its long straights, so we knew a top 5 in qualifying wouldn’t be possible here on this track.  My target was to qualify in the top 10 overall and also be the top BMW in the field, and this was exactly what we achieved in qualifying.”

Qualifying 2 at Monza – Independent P4 & Overall P10

“I got the maximum from my BMW today and it was the best result I could have hoped for here in Monza WTCC qualifying. I am the top BMW, and most importantly, pole position for Race 2.”

Race 1 at Monza (2013 round 1) – Independent P6 & Overall P13

“In race 1, I struggled for grip in the rain and began getting passed by the front wheel drive cars. Some small contact with Swiss driver Freddy Barth put me through the gravel and this cost me several positions. At the end, I was able to recover but it was disappointing.”


Race 2 at Monza (2013 round 2) – Independent P4 & Overall P12

“In race 2, I started from pole position but I knew it would be impossible to hold the lead in the heavy rain conditions. I decided not to give too much of a fight to the front wheel drive cars and focus on scoring as many points as possible. I held the lead only for two corners and the front wheel drive cars passed me like I was standing still.”

Sponsors LKM and FUSPEED are the major forces behind Darryl’s pursuit of success in the 2013 FIM World Touring Car Championship.  Please visit www.fiawtcc.com for more WTCC information and www.darryloyoung.com for the latest updates about Darryl.

2013 WTCC Calendar

Race Rounds Race Name Date
1 1 & 2 Race of Italy 24 March
2 3 & 4 Race of   Morocco 7 April
3 5 & 6 Race of Slovakia 28 April
4 7 & 8 Race of Hungary 5 May
5 9 & 10 Race of Austria 19 May
6 11 & 12 Race of Russia 9 June
7 13 & 14 Race of Portugal 30 June
8 15 & 16 Race of Brazil 28 July
9 17 & 18 Race of United States 8 September
10 19 & 20 Race of Japan 22 September
11 21 & 22 Race of China 3 November
12 23 & 24 Guia Race of Macau 17 November

2013 Yokohama Drivers Trophy after Round 2 (Top 5)

Position Driver Total points Stat
1 James Nash (GRB) 16 2 podium
2 Alex Macdowall (GBR) 12 1 win
3 Michel Nykjaer (DEN) 11 1 win
4 Fredy Barth (SUI) 9 1 podium
5 Darryl O’Young (CHN) 8


~ END ~

This press release is generated by Passion Marketing on behalf of O’Young Racing Limited.

For further information, please contact:

Daniel Chan

TV motorsports commentator

Tel: +852 9287 7891

E-mail: daniel@passionmarketing.com.hk

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Asia Invades Bathurst

Equity OneWith Chinese New Year fast approaching things are pretty quiet on the Asia racing front so a few have decided to attempt to tackle 12 Hrs of Bathurst in Australia. Darryl O’Young has already arrived and will be preparing to race for Dean Koutsoumidis’ Equity-One team along with Andrew McInnes and Simon Middleton. Clearwater Racing who has dominated the GT Asia series for the past couple of years will also be on hand making their first appearance in Australia.

We wish both Darryl, Mok Weng Sun and their respective teams the best of luck this weekend!


You can read more about Clearwater Racing here.

WSBK Championship Postpones Only Asia Stop

WSBKFIM recently announced it was postponing the March 10th WSBK event at Buddh Circuit, India until November 17th.  They didn’t feel their would be sufficient time to properly train all of the marshals and medical staff for India’s first ever World Superbike race.

As reported by The Times of India, Jaypee Sports International Limited (JPSI), the owners of BIC, said that they were not concerned about the change in the WSBK calendar. “The WSBK officials probably didn’t want to take any chances. They are entering the Indian market for the first time and they want everything to be perfect,” a JPSI official told TOI on Wednesday.

“Now that we’ll be hosting the last race of the season, JPSI officials including our track marshals and medical staff will probably visit some of the other WSBK races. Unlike F1 races, we’ll be expected to get a lot of things in place like the SBK village inside the circuit. It’ll be good to learn by visiting some other races,” the official added.

A look inside the Saturday Night Fever series in Malaysia

Here is a great inside look from the SNF series. No matter where you’re at in the world racing has some common key elements that are highlighted throughout this video. Don’t worry, the music gets better as the video goes along and there is some English.

MMF Pro National Motocross Series Kicksoff February 17, 2013

Mx MessiahWhile we are enjoying the final day of the Dealer Expo in beautiful downtown Indy, the MX Messiah Fairgrounds in the Philippines will be kicking off their 2013 Pro National Motorcross Series.

The MX Messiah Fairgrounds was created to give Filipino athletes a training center for Extreme Sports with the mission of producing the “Manny Pacquino” of Extreme.  Mx Messiah Fairgrounds and Xtreme Adrenaline Sports Entertainment Company’s (MMF’s event organizer) mission is to unite the sport of motocross in the country and, not just that, to extend this desire for unity to various genre of extreme sports such as: Free style Motocross (FMX), Bicycle Motocross (BMX), Down Hill MTB, Inline Skate, and Skateboard. Their vision is to see Filipino Youths, instead of channeling their quest for ultimate thrill from senseless activities, become world-class extreme sport athletes vying to bring honor and glory to both God and country.

As soon as they publish their full 2013 schedule we will update our calendar accordingly!

Volkswagon leads the way with 5 of the top 10 selling cars in China

According to focus2move.com latest report on China car sales, Volkswagon continues its dominant market position and it is also beginning to show up in demand for performance parts.  VW tuning has long been popular in China with companies like APR Tuning having a wide network, but now we’re seeing an increasing interest in hard parts like forged pistons and stroker kits.  A couple of other vehicles in the top 10 to take notice of are the Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus.  FRD got an earlier jump on the ECOBoost 1.6T engine during the 2012 CTCC season and nearly had the championship wrapped up by the 1/2 point.  With the success of the Chevy Cruze in WTCC several CTCC teams are running the 1.6T engine with hopes of gaining a factory sponsorship. 

Sepang International Circuit 2013 Schedule

Sepang International Circuit 2013 Schedule

Honda Day Live Night Race: Bossa Ska Racing


BANGKOK, 17 October 2012 — Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co Ltd in collaboration with Fresh Air Festival Co Ltd and Grand Prix International Co Ltd announces the “Honda Day Live Night Race: Bossa Ska Racing” event which will take place on 17 November 2012, from noon till midnight at Muang Thong Thani Lakeside. This new-style event is a unique combination of the unrivalled fun of a night car race with the excitement of a day-long live concert.

The innovative event, the first of its kind, will offer an entertaining and exciting rhythm that combines a night car race called the “Honda Racing Fest” which Honda has previously held with an enthusiastic response from racers and the audience, with two major concerts based on the “Honda Winter Fest” the winter music event that takes place in a picturesque mountainous environment and the “Honda Summer Fest” the seaside music event that attracted a record-breaking audience of more than 300,000 people.

For this year’s breakthrough event, Honda has created an atmosphere of excitement and fun with a high-speed car racing circuit that will challenge more than 70 racing drivers that will join. All drivers will open a new chapter in Thai motor racing history as they strive to set their best records in a night race that meets all safety standards.

The event will also feature an entertaining concert featuring a wide range of musical styles performed by leading Thai singers and bands including Palmy, T-Bone, Kan Kor Club, Jay Jetrin, Lula, Mocca Garden and Teddyska Band. The performers will take turns adding sound and excitement to the event at various times throughout the day and night. This is the first time that the thrills of a night racing circuit will mingle withthe rhythm and beat of the concrt stage.

The event will also feature many more fun and interesting activities such as :
– Honda Hot Laps, which offers the genuine experience of sitting in a racing car with a driver on the real racing circuit.
– Honda Pit Tour, where you can experience the real working atmosphere of leading drivers and receive souvenirs from them.
– Honda Performance Show, a showcase in which racing drivers demonstrate their proficiency in dangerous and thrilling driving.
– Honda Car Club Village, Thailand’s largest gathering of more than 400 Honda fanatics.

Besides, visitors can enjoy fun activities such as Bira Zone, a slot car racing circuit, the Live Park Zone offering exciting computer raing games, a Kids’ Station and a Phot Station. Admission is free.